The Grey Earl
The Grey Earl

Real Food • Real Taste • On the move

The Travelling Kitchen That Comes To You.

Based in East Sussex the Grey Earl offers a travelling kitchen experience providing Chef prepared lunches for weddings, family celebrations, festivals, school or corporate sporting events, summer and winter picnics. Alongside this, the Grey Earl is also ideal for afternoon events, providing refreshments for weddings, birthday tea parties and open garden days.

We buy locally farmed meats, fish and seasonal fruit and vegetables combining them into a refreshing array of sumptuous and innovative salads full of colour, flavour and texture. Served alongside are homemade soups, breads, savoury scones, hot drinks and locally produced soft drinks. Our teas consist of delicious homemade cakes and scones served with single-origin loose leaf teas, freshly roasted filter coffee and real hot chocolate.

About Us

Inspired by the childhood dream of owning a tea shop, a love of good design and an interest in classic cars, Rowan teamed up with Kate, an award winning Leith's Chef to create the Grey Earl. Kate brings a lifelong joy and devotion of producing superb, original, home prepared food to the serving hatch of the Grey Earl; a beautiful, classic 1956 French Citroen H van, combining iconic vintage looks with a brand new fitted kitchen. Our van is our pride and joy being a relatively untouched and treasured piece of history, with just the right amount of authentic surface rust, a very stiff suspension, no power steering or heating but with a brand new, chef standard fitted kitchen inside.

Our values are simple

Two great friends, real food and one classic van all combining to create the perfect travelling kitchen experience that comes to you.